November 24, 2014
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Firefighter Close Calls
A Cincinnati Police officer and firefighter were injured after they were struck while responding to crashes on westbound Ronald Reagan Highway Saturday morning. District Four Officer Jeff Share was responding to an overturned 2003 Acura when the driver of a Ford Five Hundred struck the Acura, pinning Share between the car and retaining wall.Officer Share was able to free himself and extricate the driver of the Acura. They were both transported to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.A short time later, a Cincinnati Fire Department ladder truck was struck head-on by a Nissan Maxima, according to a press release from Cincinnati's Traffic Unit. Fire Officer Robin Woods was knocked to the ground from the impact.Officer Woods was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital where he was treated and released.The westbound lanes of Ronald Reagan Highway reopened around 1 p.m. after being closed for several hours due to the crashes and icy road conditions.  Full Story ...

A firefighter was transported to a hospital Saturday morning after giving his breathing mask to a victim at a Springfield fire.Fire officials responded to Roosevelt Avenue at around 7:18 a.m. for a fire on the sixth floor of a 7-story building. A lieutenant was transported to Bay State Medical Center after giving his breathing mask to a victim who was burned on the left side. He suffered cardiac arrest. He is in good health and is with his family, according to officials. The cause of the fire was determined to be a cigarette that was lit close to an oxygen tank.

A Florida man ran barefoot from his home to the closest fire station, about four houses away. Banging on the door, he hollered: “My house is on fire!” But Neville Morrison, 67, was turned away on Nov. 15 by an emergency medical technician, who insisted he call 911 and not report the fire in person, fire officials said. “I said, ‘I have no phone,’” Morrison recounted. “I said, ‘You can see the blaze coming out of the roof of my house.’ He told me twice to call 911, and then he closed the door with me standing outside.” Once a neighbor called 911, it took volunteer crews eight minutes to get to the scene. Much of the house was destroyed, and Morrison’s family of five was displaced. The fire department said the paramedic erred and “has been counseled already.”

A McKeesport fire truck hit a patch of ice on the ramp from the McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge, traveled down an embankment and flipped over. Kenneth Ferree took several firefighters to the hospital. “They had some facial injuries, some mouth injuries, they were bleeding from the head and from the face a little bit,” said Ferree....

Fire broke out Friday morning at Hatton's Carpet in downtown North Vernon for the second time this month, but fire officials said they do not believe the two fires are connected.The first fire broke out upstairs in the front of the Hatton's Carpet building on Nov. 5. Friday's fire began in the back of the basement around 6 a.m.The blaze spread to several other building before it was contained. The intensity of the fire was massive and firefighters have it contained, but it's not necessarily under control.The building housing Hatton's Carpet and several apartments is considered a total loss and will likely have to be demolished, fire officials said.Weather played an issue as crews battle the fire Friday morning. The water used to extinguish the flames started freezing, causing slick conditions and slipping issues.  Crews are battling the flames from all angles, including aerial attacks.The front part of the building collapsed earlier Friday.There are no firefighters inside the building. Four firefighters were injured by flying debris and taken to the hospital to be checked out. Their injuries are not believed to be serious. Some of the injured firefighters have since returned to work.Multiple agencies are at the scene working to fight the first and will be at the scene for quite some time.Highway 50 eastbound remains closed from State Road 3 and 7 to Dollar General and traffic remains restricted in the area of the fire....

A man set his house on fire and then fatally shot a sheriff's deputy and wounded another Saturday when they responded to the scene, before he was shot to death by other law enforcement officers, authorities said. Deputies and firefighters responded to the blaze about 10:15 a.m. As the first deputy approached the house, he was fatally shot. The gunman picked up the deputy's gun, walked down the street and used it to shoot a second deputy before he was killed, Lt. James McQuaig of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said. It wasn't known yet whether anyone was in the home when it was set on fire. Pockets of flames could still be seen in the smoldering wreckage hours after the fire was set The gunman was shot to death by a Tallahassee police officer who lived nearby and heard the initial shooting. That officer threw on his bullet-resistant vest — a decision that would later save his life — and grabbed his gun and ran toward the house, according to a government official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly release the information. The wounded deputy was saved by his vest and his injuries are not believed to be serious, said the official, who had spoken to law enforcement officials handling the case. The names of the slain and wounded deputies were not immediately released. The gunman has also not been identified. The house, at the end of a cul-de-sac in a middle-class neighborhood just outside the Tallahassee city limits, was destroyed by the fire. Neighbors were not being allowed onto the street. Dana Harrison, 20, said she was babysitting three young boys in a nearby house when she heard approaching sirens, went outside and saw the fire. She then heard popping sounds, which she thought was caused by the fire but a neighbor said they sounded like gunshots. She had hustled the boys inside when two police officers banged on the front door and then ran through the house into the backyard, which is near the burning house. The police told Harrison to get everyone into the bathroom. "I was scared," she said. Neighbor Joan Cabbage said she called 911 to report the fire while her husband Henry went outside. She said she could see two patrol cars pull into the cul-de-sac when she heard "pop, pop, pop, pop, pop" that she also thought was from the house burning. "I saw fire truck and he started backing up real fast — I couldn't figure out why," she said. Her daughter, who had just left the house, then called to say police officers were running down the street with guns drawn. "That's when I knew something big was going on," she said. The shooting near Florida's capital comes just two days after a police shootout at Florida State University left a gunman dead after he wounded two students and an employee.

UPDATE: Firefighter Injured After Fall From Roof While Operating at 2-Alarm Fire
A firefighter was injured after he fell off of a roof while battling a two-alarm blaze in Norwood Friday afternoon. The man’s condition was not immediately available. The fall was captured in news helicopter footage, with one journalist reporting the victim appeared to be moving his hands. WBZ reports that he was transported to Brigham and Women’s hospital with two broken ankles. ...

From Friday night 11-21-14 in Dallas...

Two Yemassee Fire Dept. Volunteers Charged With Attempted Murder, Arson
According to the Hampton County Sheriff's Office, two Yemassee Fire Department volunteers have been charged with attempted muder and arson.Christopher Williams and Dominique Thompson are accused of setting fire to the station and town hall building on Tuesday night. Two people were inside at the time, but both were able to escape the building.According to reports, the suspects were fighting with the two people in the building, prompting the fire. Williams and Thompson are being held at the Hampton County Jail.Officials are investigating if they may be responsible for other fires....

PA FF LODD, MA FF FALL, Modern Fire! Update (The Secret List)
PA FIREFIGHTER DIES IN THE LINE OF DUTY The Secret List We regret to pass on to you that Samir P. “Sam” Ashmar, 51, Fire Marshal of Upper McCungie Township Station 56 Inc in Allenton, PA. has died in the Line of Duty. Several hours after responding on an EMS run, Fire Marshal Ashmar was found in cardiac arrest at his residence. Ashmar was treated and transported by fellow responders to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest where he succumbed to his injury. Our condolences to all affected. RIP. ==MASSACHUSETTS FIREFIGHTER INJURED IN FALL A Norwood Firefighter was injured after he fell off of a roof while operating at a two-alarm fire this afternoon. The FF's condition was not immediately available but he was medevac'd out. The fall was captured in news helicopter footage, with reports that the Firefighter appeared to be moving. More to follow. KTIYP's. HERE is a link to the video: ==UPDATE: MODERN FIRE BEHAVIOR Have you heard all the controversy about this new concept of firefighting? Yeah, exactly, not that big a controversy once you learn the facts. Actually, it really isn't all that controversial and from reading headlines, it appears that the proven research that gives us a better way to save lives and get water on the fire is being adopted by the leadership of FD's (the biggest to the smallest) throughout North America.  It's simply another tool for us to use based upon: -Initial size up -Task priorities -Resources available. Chiefs Fried, McAniff and Clark all cover that, and so much more in their respected books....books that have been around for about 50 years. Do you remember THIS controversy and the headlines? "JAWS OF LIFE WILL NOT WORK! USE HAND TOOLS AND PORTA-POWERS" Yeah...exactly. Anyway.... We have an obligation and little choice to always determine additional ways to operate and improve for the people that need our help.  HERE IS AN UPDATE FROM ISFSI ON THE MODERN FIRE BEHAVIOR FIREFIGHTING PROGRAM: The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFS) continues to move forward with delivery of a Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program.  The ISFSI received funding from the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to deliver this material at 100 fire service venues across the USA in 2015.  The program went through a pilot delivery at the Ohio Fire Academy in November and the finishing touches and refinements are just about complete.  An ISFSI committee has selected a cadre of well-known and respected instructors from all sectors of the North American fire service.  They completed a train-the-trainer session immediately following delivery of the pilot program.  This session provided a remarkable opportunity for the instructors to work directly with research engineers and students to discuss both fire dynamics and the instructional methodology best suited to the delivery of a successful program.   A great deal of time and attention was placed on ensuring that the instructors have a clear understanding of the research supporting the tactical recommendations included in the program.  A part of the program is a discussion of the SLICE-RS approach to fire ground tactical decision making for company officers and firefighters.  This decision making guideline has been endorsed by the ISFSI, Volunteer Combination Officers Section, and the Firefighter Safety, Health & Survival Section of the IAFC.  The SLICE-RS method was developed to incorporate research findings and recent experience applying this research at actual incidents into the actions of the first arriving engine company.   Some of the areas of focus and clarification include:   •   Rescue remains the highest strategic priority on the fire ground.  The “R” for rescue was listed as an “action of opportunity,” indicating flexibility for the first due company, depending on the situation at hand.  When companies are attempting a rescue ahead of the application of water, they should consider the Vent-Enter-Isolate-Search (VEIS) technique as a primary tactical option.  As water is applied, they may very well utilize standard primary and secondary search methods, but still may opt for a VEIS approach if conditions warrant.  In any case, all fire buildings should be searched to ensure no occupants are inside the IDLH atmosphere.   •   Not all fires are cooled from the exterior prior to entry.  Initial cooling is dependent on the presence of increased temperatures, high pressure, heavy smoke or heavy fire conditions within the structure.  When these conditions exist, the fire department should attempt to apply water from a strategically advantageous position as quickly as possible in order to improve civilian survivability and remove the thermal threat to firefighters. In residential fires, this may often be achieved from an exterior position, but the specific method of the application of water is contingent on size up information gained at the incident on arrival.   •   It is essential that firefighters use a solid or straight stream with limited nozzle movement when applying exterior streams immediately prior to initiating interior operations.  This will help avoid the entrainment of air, blocking of the flow path (ventilation opening) and disturbance of the thermal balance, allowing firefighters to move and function more aggressively and efficiently upon entry.   •   Fire Departments that incorporate these tactics should devote time to ensure their firefighters have received both classroom and hands-on training to ensure they understand the proper concepts and field application of the research.  Simply editing standard operating procedures or guidelines without incorporating hands-on training should be avoided.   The ISFSI presented the program concept to the North American Fire Training Directors and looks forward to coordinating the grant-funded program deliveries with the State Training Director in each state.  The Society wishes to extend thanks to NIST and UL for their continued support and for making it possible to bring practical science to the fire ground. Their work and assistance are the foundation of the Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program.   Each instructor for the Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program is committed to bringing this life saving research to as many firefighters as possible.  Each is committed to a lifetime of fire service learning and working to ensure they have the latest and most accurate information available to help them carry this training message forward.  Each of the instructors was selected because of their experience, their instructional expertise, and their commitment to officers and firefighters working in the trenches.  These instructors, as well as the ISFSI as a whole, believe that the incorporation of fire dynamics research into the tactical plans of fire departments will allow us to effectively do our duty while helping to ensure that everyone goes home.   For more information on the Principles of Modern Fire Attack Program, contact the ISFSI home office or visit Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On. BillyG The Secret List 11/21/2014-1730 Hours

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