August 31, 2015
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Firefighter Close Calls
Doctors are treating a Lancaster Co firefighter they said was hurt after he fell through a porch while fighting a house fire last week.Crews were called out to an abandoned house on Monroe Highway Friday night and while battling the flames, Capt. Ray Ingram with the Shiloh Zion Volunteer Fire Department fell through the concrete porch.Ingram had to be helped out, and although he was in pain, continued trying to put out the fire, officials told Channel 9.Ingram was then taken to Springs Memorial Hospital, where a CT scan revealed he suffered a fractured vertebrate and a fractured tail bone. ...

A firefighter was injured Sunday morning working to contain a fire that completely gutted a home in Jefferson City.Jefferson City Fire Chief Jason Turner said the injured firefighter is currently being hospitalized, but is hopeful he will be released tomorrow.The injured firefighter fell as walls and floors collapsed in the home at 1207 E. McCarty St. The firefighter's injuries were not life threatening.Firefighters arrived on scene around 1:41 a.m. to find heavy smoke coming from the two-story home. No one was inside during the fire. It took firefighters about 30 minutes to bring the fire under control.The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, although officials said they are not ruling out arson."We want to make sure we have covered all of the avenues and we studied the evidence that is in front of us," Turner said. "That way if it is an accidental fire, we can prove that. And then if it is a intentionally set fire, we have all the information we have to prosecute."Turner also said he had trouble finding the contact information of the homeowner because they had to distinguish the previous homeowners from the current resident.One area resident Kevin Cain said the fire went unnoticed by many neighbors until after it was out."It was a pretty quiet night. There was one gentleman I saw sitting over by the church, but it was pretty quiet and there was not any traffic," Cain said.Cain lives on McCarty Street and was sitting on his porch when he saw the patrol cars passing his house."The smoke was a big cloud across the street," Cain said. "You could see the patrol men and the firefighters walking in to the smoke but then you could barely make out their bodies walking through."He also mentioned that the smoke was a very strange odor and not anything like burning wood....

 Two Barry-Lawrence County Ambulance District ambulances received damage in a three-vehicle collision at 4:08 p.m. on Friday on Highway 60, three miles east of Neosho at Highway 59.According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the ambulances were eastbound on Highway 60 and approached a 2001 Ford Windstar SUV, driven by Joshua Gose, 30, of Springfield, that had stopped in traffic to make a left turn onto Highway 59. The first ambulance, driven by Shala Bass, 25, of Diamond, slowed to stop, but was struck in the rear by the second ambulance, driven by Jesse Merritt, 25, of Aurora. The impact pushed the first ambulance into the rear of Gose's SUV before traveling off the south edge of the roadway. The ambulance driven by Merritt continued east and also collided with the SUV.All three drivers were wearing seat belts and were transferred to Joplin hospitals for treatment. Merritt had moderate injuries while Bass and Gose received minor injuries.Gose's SUV received moderate damage. Merritt's ambulance had extensive damage. Bass's ambulance had moderate damage. Both were 2013 Chevrolet rigs.The Barry-Lawrence Ambulance District has four ambulances in service, plus a fifth ambulance that was going to be sold. Mike Bennett, district board president, said the vehicle up for sale will be put back into service. The district will continue to answer calls with its two full-time crews, and has a back-up vehicle available if needed....

A Eureka Springs fire fighter is hospitalized in Springfield after suffering serious injuries fighting a fire.The department reports firefighter Rod Wasson was inside a burning trailer Saturday night when his breathing equipment was knocked loose. Another firefighter pulled Wasson out of the trailer. Emergency medical crews on the scene found that Wasson may have inhaled superheated gases and smoke.Wasson was airlifted to a Springfield hospital for treatment of his injuries.The firefighter who rescued Wasson was treated at a Eureka Springs area hospital for minor injuries and released.The fire department reported Wasson was in stable condition Sunday afternoon. The local fire marshal and the Arkansas State Police are working to determine the cause of the fire....

Remembering 2 Firefighters (The Secret List)
 All,With the very recent tragic loss of the Washington State Firefighters in the last week, we are reminded of the Line of Duty deaths of 2 other West Coast Firefighters in similar fire conditions.2 Los Angeles County Firefighters gave their lives in the Line of Duty 6 years ago today when they were driven off the side of a road in heavy smoke and into heavy fire conditions in the Mt. Gleason area, south of Acton. Killed in the Line of Duty were FF Specialist Arnaldo "Arnie" Quinones, 35 and Captain Tedmund "Ted" Hall, 47. Captain Hall had been with the LA County FD for 26 years and Arnie Quinones had been with the department 8 years. RIP.HERE is related video: Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.BillyGThe Secret List 8-30-2015/2000 hrs...

Deep inside the smoky and pitch-black third floor Of the Sandone Tire warehouse on Wyoming Avenue in Scanton (PA), shortly before the smoldering building would become a fireball that would shine like a torch Wednesday night, Scranton firefighter Lt. Kelly Hopkins and three others ran dangerously low on air.They were lost.Visibility was zero. Stacks of tires, soon to ignite and continue to smolder through Friday night, flanked them. Their hose line, which firefighters are trained to follow out when they can’t see, was wrapped and tangled around the tires. The four firefighters were disoriented and lost more air with each breath they took. Lt. Hopkins, a well-respected 29-year veteran with the city fire department, called “mayday” at 7:16 p.m.“The hairs on the back of our necks went up,” Scranton Fire Chauffeur James Rivers said. “He’s been through everything. You know when he calls a mayday it’s serious.”Mr. Rivers, the first firefighter in the building to rescue the four, recounted the experience Friday while still working to extinguish the fire.On Friday, demolition crews worked to tear down the still smoking ruin to extinguish the blaze, fueled by 35,000 to 50,000 burning tires.All four firefighters escaped from the building with Mr. Rivers’ help. Lt. Hopkins, 55, was taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center for observation. He was treated and released, said hospital spokeswoman Westyn Hinchey.Scranton Fire Chief Patrick DeSarno lauded Mr. Rivers’ actions on Friday. He said the 37-year-old is a “great firefighter” on a team of great firefighters.“I would say (Mr. Rivers) averted tragedy,” Chief DeSarno said.Mr. Rivers said he heard the mayday and entered the building. He couldn’t see either. He felt his way up to the third floor by following the hose line up a fire escape.He moved slowly. He called out. They heard him and called back.“We had no clue if there were holes in the floors,” he said. “They had chutes in there that they used to shoot the tires down in and that was close to the door we entered into. So obviously, you had to sound the floors as you’re going in to make sure there are no holes.”That slowed his movement. Mr. Rivers didn’t know what he would find when he reached them. His adrenaline surged. He wanted to move faster, get there now, but had to keep calm.“Just like they had to keep calm,” Mr. Rivers said.Mr. Rivers, who has been with the fire department for 12 years, found the firefighters unharmed 50 to 60 feet from the door. He did a head count. Four there.“Disoriented,” Mr. Rivers said, describing them. “Obviously scared because they had no clue where they were in the building. They knew if they ran out of oxygen they were in deep trouble.”Lt. Hopkins was out of air. Another firefighter had five or six minutes left, Mr. Rivers said.“As soon as they saw me they were happy,” Mr. Rivers said. “They were excited to hear a firefighter’s voice.”Carefully, he led them out. Fresher air greeted them. EMTs loaded Lt. Hopkins onto a stretcher. Chief DeSarno came up and embraced the veteran firefighter.They were safe, but the night was young. Demolishing the building and extinguishing the fire may take days. Firefighters will continue to maintain a presence until then, officials said....

Of all the places to catch fire, a fire station might be at the bottom of the list. But that’s exactly what happened three weeks ago in Wayne County.The Lakeville Volunteer Fire Company held its annual barbecue fundraiser, which only took an hour and 45 minutes to sell out.The station was badly damaged after a faulty engine in a paramedic unit started the fire. About $1 million in damage will be covered by insurance but the little things still need replacing.“It really had put us to the test,” explained Chief Robert Boogertman. “But you know what, we’re going to be back better than ever.”“People support the people in the community,” said Jeanne McDevitt of Paupack Township. “It’s very important thing for that coordination for people who live here and those who provide the services.”What people at the barbecue fundraiser might not know is if it weren’t for the quick thinking of one of the firefighters during the fire, things could have been a lot worse.Deputy Chief David Fillebrown noticed that the tanker was still inside the station as the fire continue to spread. As a result, he got inside the truck and drove it through the garage door, which had melted shut.“The tanker would have ignited and been a flashover, and then we would’ve lost the whole building,” said Fillebrown.A thought that Fillebrown says broke his heart.“Tears came down my eyes,” he recalled. “It’s very emotional and a risky business we all do. It hit home what I did and what I risked to save my second home.”Contractors are expected to start work shortly on replacing the ceiling and insulation at the fire station. The fire chief hopes things will be back to normal in a couple of months....

Ambulance involved in Scarborough crash - Georgia
SCARBOROUGH (WGME) -- A car is wrecked, and an ambulance is undergoing repairs, after a collision in Scarborough.    Officers say the ambulance was responding to a call, and tried to make a U-turn on Route 1.    That's when police say a car, following too closely, hit the side of the ambulance.    Officials say it's important to move over for emergency vehicles.    "There is a move over law which is fairly new and a lot of people don’t understand it,” Deputy Chief Glen Deering said. “If you see a fire apparatus or police cruiser, even a wrecker, you should be pulling to the left and giving them plenty of room to get by."    No one is hurt, but the department says the crash will put the ambulance out of service for a while.&nb...

Ambulance, SUV crash in Toms River - New Jersey
TOMS RIVER – An SUV collided with an ambulance Friday in front of the public works building, police said.Police responded around 11:50 a.m. to the crash at the intersection of North Bay Avenue and Church Road, according to an email statement from Officer Ralph Stocco.One person suffered a minor injury, Stocco said. He didn't say whether the ambulance had a patient on board.A traffic sign was bent in the crash. The twisted metal and a box of blue gloves lay on the grass in front of the public works building Friday afternoon.Steph Solis: 732-643-4043;

 Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport briefly stopped flights Friday morning after an incident during a training exercise.Airport officials said incoming and outgoing flights were halted for about 30 minutes after an emergency services truck overturned.WISN 12 News crews observed what appeared to be a fire truck turned over on its side near runway 19.The accident was reported around 8:30 a.m. Friday. All plane movements on the runways and tarmac were halted briefly as emergency personnel responded to the scene.Airport crews said the truck was the only vehicle involved in the incident, and a member of the airport's fire department was taken to a medical facility for evaluation.Regular flight operations resumed around 9:30 a.m...

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